We use digital human cells to predict the biological effects of new medicines

Our biosimulation platform provides unprecedented decision analytics to de-risk drug discovery


Netabolics Predictive Biosimulation

Netabolics is an award-winning AI-driven biotech startup based in Rome, Italy. The company works to bring disruptive innovations in the pharmaceutical R&D processes. Our team includes life scientists and software engineers working collaboratively to produce the best and cost-effective computational tools for in silico target selection.

Our discovery platform predicts the biological changes occurring inside any cell type in response to pharmacological, genetic and environmental factors — in real-time. Predictions do not have to be perfect, but they need to inform decision-making in drug discovery, because quicker Go/No-Go decisions accelerate the progress towards safe and effective medicines for patients.

Our mission is to accelerate the development of new medicines that make an impact on people.

We have an international network of academic, industrial, and technological partners,  collaborating research laboratories, and customers that trust our technology. We constantly seek mission-aligned partners to advance our discovery platform.


Where AI Meets Digital Twin

Our technology couples enzyme/receptor kinetics with branches of deep reinforcement learning overlaid onto first principles of physics and biology to automate networks/systems biology and pharmacology model simulations and empower drug discovery project teams to identify and validate the biological targets of diseases.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and publicly available databases, our proprietary algorithms create dynamical systems starting from digital reconstructions of human cells for predicting the effect of new drugs on cellular biology. From molecules to cellular homeostasis.

Here we show our predictive analytics on a model system of human erythrocyte (red blood cell).

Our proprietary algorithms are rooted in biochemistry and are incorporated in a suite of powerful computational tools based on artificial intelligence that ensure full compliance with non-equilibrium thermodynamics across the entire modeling pipeline.


Drug Target Selection in the Cloud

Our platform integrates the predictive power of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) with the explainable and deterministic nature of ordinary differential equation (ODE)-based biosimulation. Applications include what-if scenario analysis to validate known biological targets, and target deconvolution analysis to discover novel biological targets.

We help identify and validate the biological targets of disease and optimize, wherever possible, the efficacy and toxicity profile of new drugs, which translates in substantial time and cost savings (up to 24 months and USD 70 Million per molecule).

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Netabolics S.R.L.
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VAT: IT-15768861005 | REA: RM-1612733

Netabolics received funding from the European Regional Development Fund Pre-Seed Regione Lazio POR-FESR 2014-2020. The aim of the Pre-Seed grant (Prot. n. A0122-2020-34411 - 10/03/2020) is to support the development of the proprietary cloud platform of the company (as academic spin-off) and the consolidation of the business idea to make it ready for the market.

Netabolics is part of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.


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