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Netabolics Life in Silico

Netabolics is an AI-driven Biotech company. We have an extensive and multidisciplinary experience in both theoretical and experimental study of cell metabolism. Our team includes life scientists and software engineers working collaboratively to produce the best and cost-effective computational methods for simulating the metabolic machinery of life.

We focus on metabolism because it is the surrogate of an organism's phenotype. As the saying goes: genome is what can happen, transcriptome is what appears to be happening, proteome is what makes it happen, and metabolome is what actually happens. Our discovery platform helps in predicting the metabolic changes occurring inside any cell type in response to pharmacological, genetic and environmental factors — in real-time.

Mauro DiNuzzo, Founder & CEO

Our mission is to make the process of drug discovery faster, cheaper and more efficient.

We have an international network of academic and industrial partners,  collaborating research laboratories, and customers that trust our technology. We constantly seek mission-aligned partners to advance our discovery platform.


Mauro DiNuzzo

Founder & CEO

Federico Giove


Emilio De Lazzari


Matteo Gustinetti


Bob Bastian


Francesco Iamurri


We accelerate the Research & Development process of Pharma and Biotech for the benefit of people


Where AI Meets Digital Twin

Our technology couples enzyme/receptor kinetics with branches of deep reinforcement learning overlaid onto first principles of physics and biology to automate Systems Biology/Pharmacology model simulations and empower research teams to identify and validate the biological targets of diseases.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and publicly available databases, our proprietary algorithms create dynamical virtual human cells for predicting the effect of new drugs on cellular biology.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence empowers modeling and dynamical simulation of cell metabolism

Here we show our predictive analysis on a model system of human erythrocyte (red blood cell) metabolism.


Our proprietary algorithms are rooted in biochemistry and are incorporated in a suite of powerful computational tools based on artificial intelligence that ensure full compliance with non-equilibrium thermodynamics across the entire modeling pipeline.

Kinetic models are the ultimate tools for simulating biochemistry because they can predict exact quantities for any variable in the system, thereby making the implementation of single-cell or multicellular digital twin possible.


Drug Target Selection in the Cloud

We strive to provide in silico solutions for drug discovery for both industry and academia. Find out how your R&D gets value from day one. Our AI-powered cloud-computing platform is cost-effective and always up-to-date.

Keep everything under control with an user-friendly dashboard Customize data analysis on the genome of interest Prevent poor quality setup and waste of time Schedule/run simulations and receive notifications Generate state-of-the-art publication-ready reports Avoid in-house analytics that may be obsolete or lost Have data uploaded in the cloud for security and backup

Gain insights into metabolic pathway optimization, target identification/validation, biomarker determination, and more for Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology, Precision Medicine, as well as Basic and Translational Research.

Use the Netabolics platform to turn knowledge into testable predictions. Design your next experiment. Learn from informative data. Iterate.


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This project received funding from the European Regional Development Fund Pre-Seed Regione Lazio POR-FESR 2014-2020

The aim of the Pre-Seed grant (Prot. n. A0122-2020-34411 - 10/03/2020) is to support the development of the proprietary cloud platform of the company (as academic spin-off) and the consolidation of the business idea to make it ready for the market. Please visit the dedicated website here (in Italian) for details.


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